Massage and Holistic Therapy Treatments


Aromatherapy Remedial Massage for the relief of muscular aches/pains and nervous stress. Aromatherapy oils can be used to treat a very wide range of disorders. The power of essential plant oils cannot be underestimated.  Their health promoting benefits have been used for thousands of years by many diverse cultures from Egyptians to Native American Indians. Combined with skilful massage technics, aromatherapy massage is a wonderful tonic.


~ from £17.00 for a 30 minute back massage

             £23.00 for Back Neck Shoulders and Legs

           £35.00 for a 1 hr 15 min full body massage



Reflexology ~ for mind and body, anyone can enjoy the wonderful benefits.  Deep foot massage promotes health by stimulating the millions of nerve ending on the feet, promoting the flow of lymph, and working on meridian energy path ways (similar to acupuncture but without the needles!)


One hour treatment ~ £22.00



Hot Stone Therapy Massage ~ deep heat travels quickly through layers of aching muscles to relieve tension, promote healing and sooth the nervous system.

~ from £20.00 for a 30 minute back massage

           £35.00 for 1hr 15 min full body massage



Hopi Ear Candling ~ for the relief of sinus and ear congestion. Highly beneficial after a cold/flu and before a flight.

~ £18.00


Indian Head Massage ~ to target the neck and shoulder area.  Excellent for the relief of pain, where stress and bad posture build up tension. Promotes blood flow to the head and so eases headaches.   Brings about profound psychological healing.

~ £20.00


Nutritional Advice  ~ can be used to combat a wide range of health concerns not just weight.  For example helping with the menopause, dry skin complaints, and sleep disorders.  If you are concerned about your nutritional needs or require weight loss guidance and advice a consultation is £45.00. You will need to keep a food diary for a few days before your appointment.










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