Tia Chi Qigong

Tia Chi Qigong has many benefits to your health.


As a qualified instructor I offer

Tia Chi Qigong instruction for individuals and groups.

A gentle form of exercise for all abilities.

These exercise sessions can be adapted specifically for senior adults and those with lower levels of fitness or health conditions


What is Qigong and how can you benefit?


Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention to open blockages in the body based on the same meridian system used in acupuncture. The movements are fairly easy to learn and allow access to everyone. To begin to benefit from Qigong you do not have to be fit, you don’t have to be flexible; you don’t even have to be able to stand up. The exercises can be modified for almost anyone with patience that wants to learn.


Calming the mind and calming the body allows healing. Strengthening the muscles through simple postures and movements prevents falls. Moving with flow and gentle weight bearing helps balance and can positively impact bone density. Achieving a relaxed state of mind reduces stress. These are some of the simple premises that underlie the health benefits of Qigong.


Sometimes Qigong is called a moving meditation in which the mind and body are led to a state of balance and equilibrium also known as homeostasis. The advantages of improving strength, flexibility and balance are pretty obvious but the advantages of peace that comes from the moving flowing meditative aspect of Qigong are equally important.


When the body is in a state of balance all the systems work better.

Much of the tendency to this internal balance is happening all of the time totally out of our awareness. With very little conscious input from us, our bodies are working hard to keep us in a state of homeostasis, that is, everything just so.


In our busy world many of us are living in a continuous state of stress without even being aware of it. Without practice the relaxation response doesn’t always occur. Qigong can help us return to homeostasis and improve the relaxation response.


The health benefits from Qigong comes about both by supporting the body’s natural tendency to return to balance and equilibrium and also gently yet profoundly creating strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles and joints through gentle flowing movements. This is the winning combination: body and mind. This physical and mental practice helps achieve the return to balance.


If you are interested in learning about Tia Chi Qigong for yourself or a group of people, please get in touch.